Beirut Travel Tips

Lebanon is a modern and cosmopolitan country. It is however important to recognize some local culture and values. A lot of this is common sense, however below is a list of things to consider:-


  • Wear casual clothes during the day but nothing too revealing
  • At restaurants and venues in downtown wear more formal clothing rather than casual attire
  • Lebanese tend to stare a lot at what you wear and what you look like, it is normally acceptable behaviour
  • In remote towns and villages dress conservatively


  • Tip waiters and waitresses, normally 10% of the value of the meal
  • Pay valet parking attendants no more than 5,000LL (approximately $3)
  • Taxi drivers usually ask for a tip after they have performed the service. Its not necessary to give them anything, but if they ask add 2,000LL ($1.3) to the overall fare

Body Language:

  • Its normal for people to greet you with a handshake or 3 kisses on the cheeks - alternating. Do the same if you feel comfortable
  • Public affection between couple is unacceptable. Its ok to hold hands with your partner but thats the extent.
  • Don't show the sole of your feet to other people
  • Please remember that observant muslims may not shake hands or engage in any body contact. Please be respectful of their wishes.

Religious Ettiquete:

  • Don't enter a mosque during Ramadan or when a service is being held
  • Ask permission to enter a mosque (if you're not muslim), and remove your shoes before entering
  • Dont take pictures inside a mosque or a church
  • Don't talk loudly outside a church or mosque when there is a service or call to prayer


  • If you are invited to someone's home for lunch or dinner it is customary to bring a small gift with you, box of chocolates, flowers etc
  • Do not receive gifts from people on the street