Country Information

Lebanon is a liberal decmocracy with a constitution that was initially set-up in 1926 and ammended multiple times thereafter. Lebanon actually achieved independence in 1943 and over the years has developed a unique political system that accounts for over 18 religious sects in the country.

The Political system is headed by a President who under the constitution needs to be Christian Maronite, a Prime Minister who needs to be Sunni Muslim and a Parliament Speaker who needs to be Shia Muslim. Furthermore, the parliament MP's is evenly split between Christians and Muslims. No where else in the world do you see this religious harmony in a political system.

Some important statistics on Lebanon include the following:-

Population: 4.1m (World Bank Source)

Area: 10,452 sqm KM

Capital: Beirut

Principal Cities: Beirut, Tripoli and Saida

President: General Michel Sleiman

Official Language: Arabic, but French and English are widely popular

Religion: 30% Christian and 70% Muslim

GDP Per Capita (PPP): $11,100 (2008 est)

Coastline: 225km

Borders: Palestine 79km and Syria 375km


Average temperature in Centigrade for Beirut (coastal) and Zahle (Bekaa)
  Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Beirut 13 14 16 18 22 25 27 28 26 24 19 16
Zahle 7 9 10 13 20 24 24 25 23 19 11 8