Visa Information for Lebanon

Passport Requirements
Any person entering Lebanon must hold a passport which is valid for a period of at least 6 months and an appropriate visa, the latter issued at the Lebanese Consulates abroad, or by the Directorate General of Security at the Lebanese border.

Admission and Transit Restrictions
The Government of Lebanon refuses entry to holders of a Laissez-Passer unless it contains an entry visa issued by the Directorate General of Security prior to entry. The Government of Lebanon refuses entry and transit to holders of Israeli passports.

The Government of Lebanon refuses entry to:
- Holders of passports containing a visa for Israel, valid or expired, used or un-used, are refused entry. They may only transit Lebanon on same Aircraft within 24hrs and without leaving the Airport.
- Holders of passports of a country of the Arab League other than Lebanon if these passports are valid for one year only from date of entry.
- Residents of Gaza holding Laisser-Passer signed: issued by Egyptian Authorities, unless holder has obtained a visa from a Lebanese representative abroad.

- If passport is stamped 'Valid for Israel', holder is allowed to enter Lebanon.
- Members of group travels (organized by Travel Agents and compromising of more than 3 persons), who are holding a passport with - Visa for Israel, are allowed to enter. The leader of the group must hold a copy of this information. It is not necessary to await confirmation from Beirut.
- The Government of Lebanon refuses entry to holders of any expired passport including the Laisser-Passer, even if issued by Lebanese authority, with the exception of persons of Lebanese descent who are holding a Lebanese Identity card or expired Lebanese passport.
- Passengers arriving in Lebanon with incorrect or incomplete Entry/Transit document will be refused Entry/Transit and deported at carrier's expense.

Visa is required except for:
- Nationals of Lebanon.
- Nationals of Syria.
- Palestinians holding valid Lebanese Laissez-Passer.
- Children under 15 years of age provided that they are accompanied by their parents who are residents of Lebanon holding an entry visa or are of Lebanese descent.
- Holders of Diplomatic Passports, provided they are accredited to Lebanon.
- Persons of Lebanese descent provided they are holding a Lebanese identity card or expired Lebanese passport.
- United Nations Staff, being Diplomat, holding Diplomatic Cards, issued by the Lebanese Ministry of foreign affairs.
- Alien Residents in possession of a valid resident permit card.
- Members of the Deterrent, Emergency, U.N. Interim Forces in Lebanon (UNIFIL) and U.N Security Forces; holding Military identity cards.

Visa Issuance
A Visa is issued prior to arrival by the Lebanese representatives abroad. A Visa can also be obtained from the Directorate General of Security Head Quarters - Beirut, but must be available at the Airport Immigration Department prior to arrival and confirmed by Telex by the airline concerned. Applications for extension of a Visa or a residence permit should be made at the Directorate General of Security in the city of Beirut.

Exempt from the Exit Permit requirements are:
- Nationals of Lebanon. However Nationals of Lebanon are required for Military Service (Conscripts) must have permission to leave the country from the military headquarters.
- Holders of a valid residence permit or a valid visa.
- Members of the Deterrent, Emergency, U.N. Interim in Lebanon (UNIFIL) and U.N. Security Forces; holding Military identity cards.
- A License of a crew member on duty, abroad the aircraft is accepted in lieu of passport and visa, for a temporary entry into Lebanon. - On departure, inspection of identity documents is required.

Transit visas
Required by all except those continuing their journey to a third country within the same day provided holding confirmed onward tickets and documents for destination country. There is no hotel accommodation at Beirut airport and passengers are not permitted to stay overnight at the airport.

Types of visa
Transit, Visitor and Business; Single entry, Multiple-entry. Employment visas are not issued by the Embassy.

Visitor visas are generally issued for period between 2 weeks and 3 months and are renewable on request when in the country . Transit visas are valid for between 24 hours and 2 weeks.

It is necessary for visitors to apply in person to the consulate or Lebanese Embassy abroad, unless they are applying as part of a group.
- Your valid passport must have at least 6 months remaining
- 1 Visa Application Form fully completed and signed
- 2 Passport-type photographs
- Covering letter specifying the length of stay and purpose of the trip
- Applicants of Lebanese origin must present copy of Lebanese ID card
- Spouse of applicants of Lebanese origin must submit a copy of the marriage certificate and a copy of the spouse's Lebanese ID
- Child under age 18 must submit a notarized letter of consent from both parents
- If business trip: Letter from company explaining purpose of travel and guaranteeing financial support during the visit