You Know You´re in Lebanon When...


1. You speak multiple languages in one sentence ''''''''Hi Kifak, Ca Va''''''''?

2. You use valet parking at McDonald''''''''s!

3. You find a hairdresser and beauty salon on every corner.

4. You have to install a second satellite dish on your roof to help out the first one!

5. Your taxi driver is trying to sell you real estate

6. You're absolutely full from the arabic mezza (entree) and you try to stop the mashaweh from being served

7. You see everyone on the street dressed like they are attending one big wedding!

8. The traffic cop offers you bizzer (pumpkin seed) while waiting in traffic

9. You're woken by your neighbour who is on an international call screaming at his relatives

10. After 3 days you start talking politics as good as everyone else

11. You have to pay 2 different bills in the same month for the same service!!  electricity, telephone, water!

12. Everyone on your table offers to pay the bill at the restaurant, with the one who winked at the waiter at the beginning of the meal winning the honours!!

13. A complete stranger you havent met before or seen anywhere else decides to invite you for coffee !

14. When two people who are in a shouting match with opposing political views, end up having a drink together when they finally figure out  ''no politician is worth the headache'' - only to have the same stubborn views the next day!