Historical Cities

Below is a list of must see cities and places for the lovers of ancient times and historical sites.

Anjar: A well known historical city that was built in the 7th Century. it still has many conserved ruins. ANjar is located 58km from Beirut and was civilized by the Umayyad's (Arab Muslim Dynasty)

Baalbeck: The city lies in Bekaa Valley and is considered as one of the world's cultural hertiage sites. It is the home of acropolis in lebanon and was known as Heliopolis, Greek for City of Sun.

Byblos: An ancient city that was initially inhabited in the 6th century BC. It is one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world. Till now its architecture and ancient monuments are a testament to time.

Cedars: This is the home of Lebanon's infamous Arce tree. it is one of the largest living organisms in the world and rare beauty. Located in the North part of Lebanon, the Cedars are well protected by authorities, but have open access to visitors.

Jeitta Grotto: Located in jeitta, 15 mins drive from Downtown Beirut, it is one of the most beautiful cave systems in the world. You are able to take a boat ride under this puzzling array of limestone colored tunnels. Simply magnificent.

Qadisha Valley: Located in the North of Lebanon and stretching from Bcharre to the coast, its is classified as a world heritage site. It is a beathtakeing and magnificent natural valley.