Beirut Regional Info

Located on the west side of Lebanon and stretched across the Meditteranean sea, Beirut, Lebanon is one of the oldest cities known to mankind. Since the Phoenicians occupied Beirut thousands of years ago, over 7 cities have been built on what is now called Beirut.

Beirut has now become the hub of the Middle East, combining the best that the Western and Eastern cultures have to offer. Its a haven for the best shopping and restaurants, the best beaches, the most white powdered snow, and above all a hospitality that is not seen anywhere else in the world.

Beirut is surrounded by mountains as high as 3000m to the East and old archelogical cities to the North and South, like Jbeil, Baalbeck, Saida and Byblos. With over 18 religious sects living side by side, Lebanon is quickly becoming known as an example to the world of human tolerance, respect and perseverance. Additionally, the melting pot of 18 religious sect over centuries of years has given Beirut and Lebanon a unique culture thats not found anywhere else. Churches and Mosques are built side by side, wall to wall. Even prayers and religious holidays are enjoyed and respected by all alike.

As a tourist city, Beirut has a lot to offer to locals and tourists alike. Dozens of resorts and hotels are sprayed all over the beautiful coastline of Lebanon (over 200km of coast) as well as the snowy alps of Faraya and Mzar, which by the way are only 15 mins drive to the coast. Furthermore, Lebanon has the best international and local restaurants serving all types of cuisines, shopping malls and brandnames equivalent to Milano and Paris, and a nightlife that is the amalgamation of New York, London and Sydney. People from all across the Middle East travel to Lebanon just to eat its food, meet its people and enjoy its unique culture. We look forward to meeting and serving you.!!