Springtime Family Fun: Top Attractions for Kids in Beirut


Plan memorable family outings and activities

Springtime is the perfect season to plan fun-filled activities with your family in Beirut. This vibrant city offers a wide range of attractions and experiences that are specifically designed to entertain and engage children. From museums to parks and adventure zones, there is something to cater to every child's interests. Here is a comprehensive overview of the top attractions for kids in Beirut, followed by 20 suggestions to help you plan the perfect family outing.

1. Baalbek Roman Ruins

Embark on a historical journey to the Baalbek Roman Ruins, located near Beirut. Marvel at the ancient architecture and let your kids imagine life during the Roman Empire.


2. Byblos Fossil Museum

Take a trip to the Byblos Fossil Museum to explore the fascinating world of fossils and prehistoric life. Kids will be amazed by the dinosaur skeletons and ancient artifacts on display.