Winter Thrills: Unforgettable Experiences in Beirut


Snowy Adventures Await

1. Hot Air Balloon Ride in Bekaa Valley

Soar high above the snowy landscapes of Bekaa Valley during a captivating hot air balloon ride offering stunning panoramic views.


2. Paragliding in Jounieh

Experience the ultimate winter thrill by paragliding over Jounieh, capturing breathtaking views of the coast and mountains.


3. Cave Explorations in Jeita Grotto

Embark on an underground adventure through Jeita Grotto's stunning caves, featuring magnificent ice formations.


4. Wine Tasting in the Bekaa Valley

Take part in a delightful wine tasting experience in the charming wineries of the Bekaa Valley, known for their exquisite Lebanese wines.


5. Game Nights at Beirut's Board Game Cafes

Spend cozy winter evenings with friends at Beirut's board game cafes, enjoying a wide range of board games accompanied by hot beverages.